Trending Cryptocurrency on Reddit

Trending Cryptocurrency on Reddit has always been the go-to spot for Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change anytime soon. In this article, we take a look at some of the Trending cryptocurrencies on Reddit being discussed on Reddit right now and what they have to offer.

Cryptocurrencies are trending on Reddit because of their unique features, the communities surrounding them, and their adoption by different sectors of society. Within three years, the top 15 cryptocurrencies will be Monero, Stellar, Dogecoin, Polkadot, Cardano, DAS(Decentralized Autonomous Society), Algo, Solana, Flux, Shiba Inu, Ethereum, Golem Network Tokens (GNT), EOS, TRON, and NEO (formerly Antshares). Here’s what makes these cryptocurrencies so special they are Trending Cryptocurrency on Reddit and can make it to the top in 2022.

Trending Cryptocurrency on Reddit

Trending Cryptocurrency on Reddit is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a particular country or socio-economic context. The main functions of contemporary money are distinguished as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, a store of value, and, occasionally, a standard of deferred payment.

Top 15 Cryptocurrencies according to Reddit in 2022

Cryptocurrency Reddit has become one of the most popular online platforms, and it has grown into a collection of online communities where users share and discuss different topics with other like-minded individuals. This social news website was created by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, who funded it through the crowdsourcing site Y Combinator, and it officially launched in 2005 with their own money.

The name Reddit originates from the phrase read it, however, it stands for I read it on Reddit or read it on Reddit if you’re not being ironic. Here we will see cryptocurrency Reddit with 15 top Trending cryptocurrencies.

1) Monero

Monero is trending on Reddit, with Monero being one of the most wanted cryptocurrencies. The coin XMR is focused on its community and has proven how strong it can become over time. Now, it’s a leading anonymous digital currency in cryptographic markets. A new member of top cryptocurrencies, Monero takes advantage of ring signatures to anonymize transactions at scale, making it scalable while keeping transactions private and fungible, without any additional trust assumptions.

Trending Cryptocurrency on Reddit-This is a contrast to Bitcoin’s approach which requires significant resources to maintain its own UTXO set (the digital form of cash). = has been behind several cryptocurrency-related projects such as CryptoBatesGroup on Twitter and DearFlappyCoin on Instagram.

2) Stellar

Stellar is blockchain technology and cryptocurrency project that was originally developed by Joyce Kim as a fork of Ripple. Stellar aims to allow people to break free from financial institutions and leverage better technology for low-cost cross-border transactions of money, cryptocurrencies, and more. It’s primarily backed by venture capital funding from Stripe, Blockchain Capital, and others.

Though Kim left Stellar in 2017, Jed McCaleb (former co-founder of Mt. Gox) has since taken over as lead developer. That being said, it seems likely that Stripe will be a core player in driving the adoption of Stellar going forward as well, they’ve invested $3 million into XLM so far and are publicly supporting its use case.

Largely because of its potential for real-time micropayments and cross-border payments, Stellar is among the most popular cryptocurrencies online. It’s sometimes called the Venmo of international money transfers. Although it is not as ubiquitous as Bitcoin, it remains a reliable cryptocurrency to watch in 2022.

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And like XRP, many financial institutions are exploring whether they can use Stellar to make transactions faster and cheaper than what’s currently available through fiat currencies. One such example is Deloitte, which has been using a software platform built on top of Stellar to test what will happen if billions of dollars worth of transactions come through that network every day.

3) Dogecoin

Dogecoin was created by programmer Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon, who hoped to create a fun cryptocurrency that could reach a broader demographic than Bitcoin. As of January 2018, there are over 100 billion Dogecoins in circulation. Compared with other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin has a fast initial coin production schedule. there will be approximately 100 billion coins in circulation by the end of 2014 with an additional 5.2 billion coins every year.

While many people have no idea what cryptocurrencies are, dogecoin has gained a lot of mainstream media attention in recent years. From there, it has continued to grow at an exponential rate, with many investors and other financial professionals expecting it to be one of the top dogs among cryptocurrencies by 2022.

The dog meme is also trending upwards, so more and more people will be exposed to it as time goes on and that is likely to further strengthen its dominance going forward. Dogecoin’s subreddit is filled with entertaining content about cryptocurrency news and features as well.

4) Polkadot

Polkadot is a Blockchain interoperability solution and an Ethereum competitor. Polkadot can support any kind of blockchain network on its sidechains as well as allow for cross-chain transactions. Its PoS consensus model uses Parity Substrate technology and it has been in development since 2016 with a team behind it that includes Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum, and Jutta Steiner, former core developer of Parity.

In 2020, Polkadot had $1 Billion of their currency system operational. In 2021, Polkadot had spread to all top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, and Cardano. The hype surrounding Polkadot made it one of the most trending cryptocurrency topics on Reddit. Despite several trolls putting down anyone who invested in Polkadot, there was a lot of positive buzz around it and people predicted that over time it would dominate most cryptocurrency discussions on Reddit.

5) Cardano

Cardano (ADA) is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source. Cardano is developing a smart contract platform that seeks to deliver more advanced features than any protocol previously developed. It is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach. The development team consists of a large global collective of expert engineers and researchers.

In our report on Cardano, we were especially impressed by their PoS system Ouroboros which some experts say might be more secure than Ethereum’s Proof of Work protocol. They’ve certainly got all the pedigree in place to make it happen, but one major factor is whether or not they can attract enough developers.

6) DAS

DAS is a peer-to-peer digital currency. It enables peers to send digital cash directly, securely, and with zero transaction fees between them. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin), DAS’s transactions happen within seconds. They are fast, secure, and do not require much computing power. This makes DAS more like a cash cryptocurrency that does not need high amounts of energy for mining.

7) Golem Network Tokens

Golem is an Ethereum-based decentralized peer-to-peer network, which can be used for different applications like CGI rendering, scientific calculations, and others. Golem Network Tokens (GNT) is a cryptocurrency token issued on top of the Ethereum platform. The GNTs tokens can be bought from stock exchanges or other cryptocurrency exchanges or gained by providing computing power in Golem network. By providing computing power, individuals are able to earn GNTs. The money earned with GNT tokens can then be traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency on public exchanges.

8) EOS

EOS is a software platform that enables businesses and individuals to develop decentralized applications in a user-friendly manner. EOS’s team of developers is led by Daniel Larimer, who founded decentralized application platforms BitShares and Steemit, both also major players in crypto. With its own cryptocurrency, EOS tokens give users access rights to a network they can control, making it easy for businesses and users alike to experiment with smart contracts.


(TRX) is trending on Reddit and can make it to the top in 2022. If you’re unfamiliar with TRON, it’s an open-source blockchain platform that aims to build a free global entertainment ecosystem that uses peer-to-peer (p2p) technology, allowing each user to freely publish, store and own data. TRON supports various kinds of blockchain networks and smart contract systems, including bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Qtum, and other public blockchain smart contracts.

10) NEO

Simply put, NEO is China’s answer to Ethereum. Founded in 2014 by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, it’s a decentralized platform that combines digital assets, blockchain smart contracts, and digital identities. Since its launch, NEO has attracted scores of developers looking to build a new breed of decentralized applications on top of its high-throughput public blockchain. Some people even believe it will be bigger than Ethereum—and we may find out soon enough, in early 2018, NEO plans to launch an updated version of its platform called NEO 3.0.

11) Algo

Algo is also one of the coins which are Trending Cryptocurrency on Reddit. A lightning-fast blockchain that is incredibly scalable. The current Stellar blockchain limits users to a single thread and requires them to wait to confirm their transactions, while it can only handle around 100 transactions per second. Solana’s consensus mechanism is called proof of history (PoH), which allows for many more transactions per second, proof of history is based on a digital fingerprint known as an archival node graph (ANG).

Solana works very well with other blockchains and acts as an underlying protocol like how Ethereum does. This means people can integrate cryptocurrencies from popular blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Monero into their own systems, these coins would then be able to talk with one another through Solana.

12) Flux

Since Trending Cryptocurrency on Reddit markets is so volatile, there are only a few cryptocurrencies that can be considered stable or reliable. One of those stable coins is Flux. It was first traded at $1 and has since been trading around $2, with a market cap of over $350 million. Also, it has been considered by many to be safer than other coins because of its slower trading speed and low volatility.

According to CoinMarketCap, Flux is currently number 34 on their list of cryptocurrencies, with a lot more room for growth ahead. If you believe cryptocurrency is truly here to stay – and become part of mainstream culture – then there is no doubt Flux will soon dominate lists like CoinMarketCap’s, going into 2023 and beyond.

13) Shiba Inu

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14) Ethereum

In 2022, Ethereum could have as many users as Twitter (if not more). If you’re not familiar with Ethereum, it’s a decentralized platform that operates using blockchain technology—like Bitcoin. Although there are similarities between Ethereum and Bitcoin, their differences are significant enough to make them two very different currencies.

15) Solana

One of Solana’s main goals is to make blockchain technology scalable for everyone. It does so by enabling users to process transactions through a consensus mechanism called Proof of History, which uses a proof of work model. Solana aims to improve scalability by handling only a fraction of the transactions per second than Ethereum handles. As such, it remains decentralized but much faster and energy-efficient than other blockchains currently available.

The native token will allow users to stake it within their own nodes and receive fees when they facilitate transactions within certain time windows—helping ensure network integrity and reduce spamming, while also providing incentives for people who are already participating in cryptocurrency Reddit networks. Solana has big plans for its platform, however, not all investors are convinced about its potential success yet.

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