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The Modern Rules Of How To Sharpen A Chainsaw Chain

You could have the best chainsaw chain in the world but if it's dull it will not do a good job. Not only will the dull chain not cut very well but it is also a dangerous thing to do. Today we will be teaching you how to sharpen a chainsaw chain so that you can cut more efficiently as well as faster.

Tools You Will Need

Today our main topic is How to sharpen a chainsaw chain.There are two main ways to sharpen your chainsaw blade. The first is by hand and the second is by using a power tool. If you are using a power tool to sharpen the blade, then all you will need is the power gun itself, as well as the right size dremel, and the depth gauge guide. If sharpening by hand you can achieve the goal with only four tools. Which are as follows:

- A Depth Gauge Guide

- A Round File- A File Guide

- A Vice Grip

With These basic tools you should be able to get the job done. Now let's move on to the steps you will be needing to take in order to sharpen your chainsaw blade by hand.

How To Sharpen A Chainsaw Chain

1. Once you have all the proper tools ready and you have your gloves on the first tool you will be using is your vice grip. Position the chainsaw in between the vice grip and lightly clamp it steady. Also apply the chainsaw brake.

best way to sharpen a chainsaw


2. Next you will be putting the file guide in between the rivets on the chain, be sure that the arrow on the guide is facing the end of the chainsaw.

3. Following the angle of the top cutter, use the round file with nice and even strokes to sharpen the chain. Usually 2 to 4 strokes will get the job done.Depending on how dull your chain was, you might need to use more strokes. A good rule of thumb for knowing when you are done is when the face of the cutter is a shiny silver color, this usually means they are done.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have finished all of the cutters in that section. Once you have finished the current section, release the chain brake and rotate the chain so that you can expose more cutters for sharpening.

5. After you are doing all of the cutters on one side of the chain, flip the chain around and do all of the cutters on that side.

6. Using the depth gauge tool, adjust the height of the depth gauges on the chain. Make sure the gauges are a not to deep, because if they are they will not function properly.

Once you have followed all of the above steps your chainsaw should be completely sharpened and you can now be a proud owner of the best chainsaw chain.

When using a power Dremel, you will be only using the following steps.

1. Secure the chainsaw within the vice grip and apply the brakes.

2. With the Dremel turned off, position the Dremel in the rivet you would like to sharpen. Now lightly start to sharpen each rivet one at a time. Taking into account how shiny the cutter is looking. Once the cutter is a shiny silver, you are done with that specific rivet.

3. Continue this process for each rivet on the chain. Making sure to flip the chain when done to sharpen the other side.

4. You can use the Depth Gauge tool to adjust the height of the gauges on the chainsaw.

That's it you are all done. After following these simple instructions you should now know how to sharpen a chainsaw chain. It's actually not a hard task to complete once learned.

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