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For all Roz Dhan Money Earning Game lovers, here’s we have reviewed an important update of Money Earning Games! With the release of the latest version of the Roz Dhan app, users can not only earn free Paytm cash while playing this game but also get extra reward points by inviting friends to play this game as well. In addition to that, you also get Rs 25 instantly transferred to your Paytm account after checking in through India’s best money-earning app and after completing Instant Cash Tasks in the app. Isn’t that awesome? So why wait?

Money Earning Games Roz Dhan Game For Android Phone
Money Earning Games Roz Dhan Game For Android Phone

Roz Dhan Money Earning Games- How it works

In order to start earning free cash prizes, you must download Rozbazaar App on Google Play. Login by Signing up from the My Account section of the app. The default account name is Roz Dhan Banker. Your username can be changed once after login. Instant Cash Tasks are now Live in Roz Dhan Money Earning Games. By completing them (check-in daily), you will be rewarded with Cash prizes instantly deposited into your wallet.

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Roz Dhan Money Earning Games- FAQ

How do I transfer my money to my bank account? : You need to ask them to update your bank details in case you have linked any bank account. In that case, you need to ask them and complete the linking of your banks. If you have not linked any bank account, then your money will be updated in 1 business day, after completing a minimum of 3 consecutive days of checking in on Roz Dhan.

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Roz Dhan Money Earning Games- Prizes.

Money Earning Games Roz Dhan Game For Android Phone

Roz Dhan is a money-earning game, which means it’s not just a casual gaming experience. You can win cash by playing. Prizes range from Rs. 20 to a lakh of rupees per day.

Roz Dhan Money Earning Games- Complete List of Ways to Earn Money in the App
Check-in every day in-app to earn Wallet Cash – Rs 10 per day
Play other games like Mobile Recharge, New User Bonus, etc. & Get Free Wallets – Minimum payout is Rs 50
Complete various tasks instantly and earn Instant Cash-out 5
Refer your friends, family & anyone to download Roz Dhan on their mobile device through your unique referral link
You will get free wallet cash when they check-in in-app Daily For best rewards fill out Free recharges by watching short ads during opening or closing wallet page 6.


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Roz Dhan Money Earning Games- About Paytm

– Is India’s leading mobile e-commerce platform that enables consumers to shop online, pay using their mobile phones and access a range of other services. It is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is one of India’s largest mobile commerce companies. One97 Communications Ltd (Operator of Paytm) was launched in 2010 by entrepreneur Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Paytm became profitable in late 2015.

Money Earning Games Roz Dhan Game For Android Phone

How to withdraw money from Roz Dhan Money Earning Games?

Roz Dhan is India’s Best Cashback App that pays you as much as 7X returns on each purchase. To withdraw your money from Roz Dhan to your Paytm wallet, first, download the RozDhan app and verify yourself by depositing Rs.100 in it. This can be done by giving a missed call to a given number on your screen or by sending an SMS to that number.

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How to play Roz Dhan?

RozDhan lets you earn money at your fingertips. Just by playing games, answering quick surveys, trying out new services, and watching videos, you can make up to Rs 20000 per month. It is as simple as that! Withdraw Wallet Cash to your Paytm account after checking in for 2 consecutive days through India’s best money Earning app and after completing Instant Cash Tasks in the app. All fun and friendly! And better yet all legal!

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How to earn money from Roz Dhan Money Earning Games

Money Earning Games Roz Dhan Game For Android Phone

  1. Download Rozbhaguli Bhaguli app from Google Play Store
  2. Open Wallet Cash In by logging in with your Google/Facebook account details
  3. Instantly add Rs 50 as Registration Bonus
  4. Check-in every day to earn more
  5. Withdraw Cash after adding at least 2500 rupees in Wallet Balance
  6. To get your money you can transfer it to your Paytm Wallet or Bank Account
  7. Must do Instant cash tasks to earn cash instantly.

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Complete review on Roz Dhan

The app displays offer from Paytm after selecting your city. After you have successfully checked in to a location in which an offer is available, you have to complete one or more of these tasks in order to be eligible for receiving cash. Most of these tasks include buying a product or service at a discounted price. The task(s) must then be completed within 2 days of completing your check-in so that you are still eligible for earning cash back on it. However, most of these tasks can only be completed during operating hours (8 am – 10 pm). There is no way to know what time frame each location will offer different deals until after checking in at that location.

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