How To Buy (A) Router For Router Table On A Tight Budget | Router Tips

Router for router table are basically machines that spins a cutting bit, creating edges and borders to your material of choice. This machine enables a worker to craft and mold wood pieces for cabinets, doors, and more. Routers are used to be hand held which is a little bit hard for craftsmen who desires to work on larger canvass. Now, there are routers that are mounted on tables which gives more precise control over the variety of works, and that is the table router.


Table routers enable workers to create varying sizes of stock, cut sliding dovetails, different pattern work, raised panel doors, and so much more endless possibilities for this powerful tool. Routers changed the molding game, but this doesn’t come to a cheap investment. Router tables are usually expensive. But due to its high demand and supply, there are more and more budget-friendly routers for your router table sold online.

How to Choose and Buy Right Router | Router Buying Tips

Buying routers can be tricky, especially online. So here are some tips to help choose and buy the right router for your needs.

First, bigger does not always mean better. Assess first what will suit your needs. Chances are, you might only need a handheld router but bought the table router with the idea that it is better. Buy handheld router if the works to be done are just simple and small, only buy the table routers if you are planning on bigger moldings.

Second, don’t stick to high end brands. There are a lot of router brands out there that offer the same durability, power, and design. Sometimes, we end up paying for the brand, not the product itself.


Third, when buying online, make sure to check the specifications and details of the router. That includes the horsepower, dimension, and weight. This will help you analyze how the router of your table router will look like. Also check for verified sellers to ensure the quality of the product before you checking it out.

Fourth, don’t mix and match brands. Router, router bits, flat table top, flat insert, and more should come (if possible) from the same brand to optimize its command.

And lastly, don’t get misinterpret product reviews. Solely basing your purchase online through reviews might get a little sticky. Some people rate the experience, customer service, and the delivery procedure than the product itself. It’s always good to widen your research by going to official websites and blog reviews.

There are so many ways to customize your materials to achieve a more accurate and sophisticated results. Like in cutting narrow moldings, using two feather boards as a guide can actually give you an accurate, smooth, and straight cut. Make sure to know the ins and outs, the tricks and tips of your machine.

Taking care of your routers for your router tables should be observed since these are not cheap investments. Cleaning routers from sawdust can prevent clogging. Poor cuts can be a result of clogged table routers. Use vacuum cleaner to gently remove sawdust building up in the mouth of the router. Also lubricate the entire surface of the bit most especially after long hours of usage. Also lubricate fasteners by grease or standard oil to minimize friction. And lastly, table surface should also be cleaned by a damp cloth in an outwards motion to avoid water from entering the router bit.

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