5 Quick Tips For How To Use A Hand Saw

It might be thought by some that using a hand saw is challenging and hard work. However this need not be the case, if you use a hand saw correctly, you can produce exceptional results with out too much effort. You just need to keep some point to the forefront, when using your handsaw.We also discuss and share tips about how to use a hand saw.

Buying a handsaw:

There are many very high-quality disposable handsaws on the internet and in the shops. These disposables blades came with hardened teeth that you may do not require to be sharpened. When you choose your hand saw to be careful not to be driven just by price and buy the cheapest that you can find. As with most things in life if you buy the cheapest one that you can then they are likely to be poor quality. A high-quality handsaw will last you a long time before the blades become blunt. When the blade does become dull is can be replaced.

how to use a hand saw


Holding you handsaw:

If you want to hold the handsaw correctly, then you must grip the handsaw with your thumb, your second finger, your third finger and finally your fourth finger. Your first finger is your index finger; this should be positioned alongside the handle. By having your index finger in the direction of the length of the handsaw, you will have far greater control, while you are cutting the piece of wood.

Before your cut marks out:

Take your square or a straight edge, place it on the piece of wood and with a pencil, draw a very fine line, where you would like to cut your piece of wood. You need to make your that you have marked the wood carefully. My old wood work teacher used to say measure twice cut once.

How to Support your work:

To support your work your need to use a work bench or a vice and two pieces of wood. You need to make sure your work is not going to move if you want a great cut.

How to cut straight:

A bit like when you are playing a shot in snooker you need to keep everything in line. The handsaw blade, your arm, and your shoulder need to be in a straight line, with the line that you have drawn on the wood. You probably want to bend your knees and be standing comfortably and still.

Cutting the wood:

When you are using the handsaw to cut the wood, is as my wood work teacher used to say "Let the Saw do the cutting" after all that's what it for. You need to hold the handsaw as 45 degrees to the wood. When you cut the wood use the whole length of the saw blade, this will make the blade last longer. When sawing the wood cut on the side of the wood, you are going to throw away.

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