How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop | 21 Short Key Control On Laptop for Free Fire

Today we will Review How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop or Desktop. Also we will Review the Shortcut key to play character on Free Fire. Read the complete article to understand how we play on PC.

How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop
How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop

Free Fire is a mobile game. Despite this, many people wish to play it on PC as well. In this case, you can use Android emulators.

Garena company has launched the “Free Fire” Game only for Android and iOS mobile phones and it is not for Windows operating systems. But if we want, we can play it on our PC or Laptop with the help of Android Emulator.

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Let’s understand what is Android Emulators and How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop ?

An Android~Emulator is software for Laptop or PC that emulates the Android OS and its functionality on your computer. Specifically, it creates a virtual representation of a phone or any other device. It then runs the Android operating system as if it were running on the physical implementation of that device.

Here is the name of Androids Emulators and How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop .

BLUESTACKS, GAMELOOP, and NOXPLAYER are well-known Android emulators.

ANDROID EMULATORS First you need to install an Android emulator on your computer. After installing it on a PC, you can go for installing Free Fire in it then you can play it normally.  GameLoop, BlueStacks, and NOxPlayer are known as Android emulators, which help you to play many other Android games including Free Fire on your PC or laptop.

To play free fire on PC you can go with “BLUESTACKS” because it is very easy to operate.

How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop

In short, let’s understand why is Bluestacks How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop .

Among the Emulators, the most popular and trusted emulator is BlueStacks. It has tons of great features and what makes it special, like

  • Control over presets and they can be changed.
  • You can drive in different ways.
  • You can start recording and watching its replay with a single button.
  • There is a lot of FPS available.
  • HD graphics are present.

How Can We Download Bluestacks and How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop .

To download Bluestacks and play this game on your laptop, we are giving you step-wise information below. You can download Free Fire to your PC with BlueStacks by following these steps:

1: Download Bluestacks Emulator from Its official website.

2: After the emulator is installed, you have to log in with your Google account.

3: Now Open Google Play Store and find out Free Fire there. Click on Install Button.

4. Click on the Install Button Log in with Free Fire Account and then you can enjoy the game.

How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop- read complete article.

How to play Free Fire On Laptop\PC.

If we want some changes on controls of the game let’s go to setting and change, from setting we can make control the movement of the game accordingly. There is a big difference between playing games on mobile and on the computer. Mobiles, where you see all the action buttons on the screen, on PC you have to set different keys for them. If you are new on PC or the first time, then it is better to go in practice mode once.

How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop

How to play Free Fire on Laptop/PC with Bluestacks?

Free Fire is a very popular battle royal mobile game. It doesn’t even require a high level smartphone to play it can be played on a Normal Android phone as well. But the fun you get in playing, playing games on PC or laptop is Amazing, It’s not at all on mobile.

The world’s most popular battle royal game for mobile on PC. Garena Free Fire is an Action Shooter and Battle Royale game for mobiles published by Garena International Pvt Ltd. To play this Android game on your PC or Mac, Bluestack App Player is the best platform  for an gaming experience.

How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop

How to Controls Free Fire on PC or Laptop From Keyboard.

You can play this game very easily with the help of Keyboard Shortcuts in Free Fire. Below we have told you about all the keyboard shortcuts used in Free Fire.

Some Basic Key Controls:-

  • By pressing SHIFT, you can Sprint i.e. run at full speed.
  • By pressing 3: you can select the second number Weapon.
  • To move the character’s right sPress~ D
  • To move the character to the left side Press~A
  • To move the character backward Press~S.
  • To move the character forward Press~W,
  • You can crawl by pressing Z.
  • You can take Aim anywhere by right-clicking on the mouse.
  • Crouch can be done by pressing C.
  • You can jump by pressing Space.
  • You can collect any item by pressing F.
  • To fire Left Clicking on the mouse.
  • By pressing 6: you can throw the grenade.
  • By pressing G: you can sit in the vehicle or collect items.
  • By pressing H:  you can collect item 1 and pick up item 1.
  • M is the shortcut key to open the map.
  • by pressing 2 You can change your Primary Weapon .
  • By pressing 4: you can choose Melee Weapon ko.
  • To use Heal up or Medkit by pressing 5.
  • To reload Gun/Weapon press R.
  • You can open Backpack by pressing TAB.


In this article we tried to help you to review on How To Play Free Fire Game In Laptop, hope you enjoyed. if you found any trouble to play on Laptop or PC let us know in comment section.

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