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What Everyone Must Know About electrician’s tool set

In order to properly perform many electrical jobs, you need an electrician's tool set . Though tools range from inexpensive and easy to come by, to highly technical and expensive, they are all just as necessary to the completion of many jobs. While your electrician may use these tools in their trade on a daily basis, it is good for homeowners to understand many of the tools that are commonly used by electricians

electrician tool set


Not only will learning about the tools of their trade help you when it comes to articulating your needs during a job or troubleshooting session, but many of them can be useful to identifying, troubleshooting and fixing minor electrical problems yourself.

Here are some of the most commonly found tools in an electrician's tool set:

1. Pliers-

Every homeowner should have at least one good pair of pliers. Depending on the job that you are doing, needle nose, lineman pliers or long-nose pliers can be very useful in completing a number of tasks.

2. Multi-Meter- ​​​​​

A multi-meter is used to check for continuity and voltage. This is a
fairly simple device, but requires a little practice to operate properly.

3. Continuity Tester -

This is one of the simplest tools in any electrician's toolbox. Whenever you have a break in a circuit, you can use a continuity tester to test whether or not there are any breaks in your circuit.

4. Voltage Tester -

A voltage tester does exactly what its name says it does: checks your
voltage. This is very useful in determining whether or not a set of wires is hot. Because you are working with possibly live electricity, make sure that you only touch the insulated ends of the probes.

5. Circuit Tester -

A circuit tester plugs into your electrical outlets and lets you know whether or not that outlet is grounded correctly.

6. Screwdrivers -

Just like pliers, every homeowner should have a variety of screwdrivers around their house. Electricians carry several different sizes and types of screwdrivers to help them complete their day-to-day tasks.

7. Soldering Iron -

A soldering iron melts hot solder to be used as a repair for broken
wires, circuit boards and other electrical components. Whenever the 
melted solder dries, it creates a more solid, repaired connection. This 
is a very useful tool under the proper situation.

8. Wire Strippers -

In order to protect you from the electricity that they carry, many wires
are insulated using rubber or plastic coverings. While this covering does wonders when it comes to protecting you from shocks, it must be
stripped away in order to make a proper connection. Wire strippers allow you to quickly and easily strip wires of all shapes and sizes. This
tool is very handy for both electricians and non-
electricians alike.

For the majority of the jobs that they perform, electrician's tool set has fairly simple set of tools. Similar to the work of other contractors, their skill is derived from their knowledge and experience, rather than the tools that they rely on. By combining this knowledge and experience with the right specialized equipment, a skilled technician can quickly and safely troubleshoot and fix nearly any electrical issue.

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