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Complete Review on Comparison of Free Fire and PUBG Game and also separated the difference between Free Fire and PUBG, it may help you to distinguish and help to find out the best game for you. Also, help you to understand the structure of  Free Fire and PUBG.

Read the complete article to understand the Comparison of Free Fire and PUBG games and acquire game knowledge. Also, don’t forget to share your review in the comment section.

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Why are Free Fire and PUBG so much liked in India? Which is the best game Free Fire or PUBG.

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Free Fire and PUBG games are very popular in India. There are many reasons, including events, gameplay, characters, which have made it a different place among Indians.

Free Fire and PUBG is being loved a lot in India. This battle royal game is one of the most popular games around the world. It has been a full 4 years since Garena Free Fire was released in August 2017, and PUBG was officially released in September 2018. There are many reasons to like this game in India.

Its biggest feature is that it does not require a premium smartphone to play this game. It can also be played well on low-end devices. It also contains a lot of items that attract players. If you are also one of those who wonder why this game is so loved, read this article. Here we have given different between Free Fire and PUBG  including its Characters, Weapons, Maps ECT.

Comparison of Free Fire and PUBG Game

Why is Free Fire and PUBG so popular in Word?


Unique Characters

Free Fire and PUBG contains many items, including characters. In Free Fire and PUBG, the developer offers several characters with different ability. They can be purchased from an in-game shop by offering diamond or gold coins (in-game currency). They can also find characters through events that come up in the game.

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Premium smartphones are not Required to Play Free Fire and PUBG.

Free Fire and PUBG didn’t need a good or premium smartphone to play. It can also be played on low-end smartphones. Android device should work on the operating system Android 4.4 or above to play it. The phone should have at least 4GB RAM and more than 2GB internal storage. On the other hand, it can be run on phone ~iOS 9 for iPhone as well. The device should have at least 4.00/GB RAM and more than 2.00/GB storage. Mobile should have at least ~1.1 GB of free space for Free Fire, whereas for PUBG it is required at least  1.84 GB free Space.

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A variety of events keep coming up in games.

The game is also known for its events. From different spins to special top-up events in Free Fire and PUBG, many events go on. Players can join it and find many items for free. Mobile gamers can find many dhansu items including gun skin and bundle from these events. This doubles the fun of players playing games.

Playing Free Fire and PUBG  is quite easy.

Playing this battle royal game is easier than the rest of the other games. It consists of different types of matches Clash Squad and Battle Royale in free Fire and In PUBG TDM WareHouse and Survive Till Dawn-Zombie Mode games can be played. The Battle Royal match lasts for 5 to 10 minutes. In this, 50 players fight among themselves. Clash Squad (rank and classic) is a 4vs4 game mode, which consists of seven rounds.

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Sports Scenario.

Free Fire and PUBG  Sports Scenario are very strong and gives players around the world a chance to show their gameplay skills.. At the same time, there is a lot to do in international competitions like the Free Fire World Series (FFWS). This year’s FFWS reward with best awards and many more.


Free Fire game is Mostly Similar to PUBG.

But we have played the game and Review both the game and find out some differences between Free Fire and PUBG games. 

Play and Earn Money:-

Weapons of Free Fire and PUBG game.

when making a Comparison of Free Fire and PUBG Game it can be seen that there are around 43 Guns with PUBG players whereas at Free Fire around 25 guns are available.


Comparison of Free Fire and PUBG Game


Free Fire Guns

Comparison of Free Fire and PUBG Game

Characters Free Fire and PUBG.

We can make a Comparison of Free Fire and PUBG Games we can see the 40 characters in free fire whereas in PUBG there is only 4 characters. List are given here-

Characters Free Fire

  • ~Santosh
  • ~Thiva
  • ~Dimitri
  • ~D-bee
  • ~Maro
  • ~Xayne
  • ~Skyler
  • ~Shirou
  • ~Chrono
  • ~Dasha
  • ~K
  • ~Luqueta
  • ~Kelly
  • ~Hayato
  • ~Moco
  • ~Steffie
  • ~Misha
  • ~Maxim
  • ~Andrew
  • ~Kelly’s bf
  • ~Laura
  • ~Rafael
  • ~Alok
  • ~Jota
  • ~Clu
  • ~Wolfrahh
  • ~Alvaro
  • ~Antonio
  • ~Paloma
  • ~Captain
  • ~Nikita
  • ~Kapella
  • ~Joseph
  • ~Notora
  • ~A124
  • ~Kla
  • ~Monkey king
  • ~Olivia
  • ~Ford
  • ~Shani
  • ~Wukong

Characters PUBG

  • ~Victor
  • ~SARA
  • ~CARLO
  • ~Andy

Comparison of Free Fire and PUBG Game

Map list of Free Fire and PUBG.

Maps are similar when we Comparison of Free Fire and PUBG Game. Fire consists of 4 maps but PUBG consists of 7 maps.

Maps in Free Fire

  • ~Bermunda
  • ~Purgatory
  • ~Kalahari
  • ~Verdict


Maps in PUBG.

  • Erangel
  • Vikendi
  • Sanhok
  • Paramo
  • Miramar
  • Marakin
  • Haven


If we talk about Game Mode of Free Fire and PUBG.

Amazing, wonderful, and great game modes are provided by Free Fire and PUBG.

Free Fire Consists of 7 types of mode

  • Classic mode
  • Ranked Mode
  • Rush hour
  • Custome game
  • Solo
  • Duo and
  • Squad


PUBG Consists of 7 types of modes.

  • ~Assault+
  • ~TDM WareHouse+
  • ~Playload+
  • ~Survive Till Dawn-Zombie Mode+
  • ~War-RPG+
  • ~WAR
  • ~Character
  • ~Victor
  • ~SARA
  • ~CARLO
  • ~Andy
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