The Definitive Chainsaw Buying Guide for 2017

Finding the right chainsaw can be a difficult task, especially for first-time buyers. There are so many types and brands of chainsaws that it can be difficult to know which is best. For this reason, this chainsaw buying guide will explain how to find the perfect model to suit one’s needs. It will also include recommendations for some of 2017’s top chainsaw brands.

How to Find the Right Chainsaw

In general, chainsaws are tools used to cut wood. However, their use varies depending on the demands of the job, the type of wood being cut, and the expertise of the person using it. Before buying a chainsaw, one should consider these details. Professionals or homeowners cutting hard woods like oak and maple should use a more powerful chainsaw. Those looking to trim branches or those who have less experience may not need a powerful model.

Factors such as safety features and guide-bar length (which determines how much wood can be cut in a single pass) should also be considered.

An Introduction to Chainsaw Types

In general, there are four main types of chainsaws. Each comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Finding the right chainsaw means choosing the right type. The four types are: gas-powered, corded electric, battery-powered, and manual. While there may be some other types, these are by far the most common.

Gas-Powered Chainsaws

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For heavy-duty or consistent cutting, gas-powered chainsaws are the way to go. They are the most powerful type of chainsaw and therefore deliver the smoothest cut. They usually come equipped with longer bar lengths. As well, they are versatile and mobile, as they do not require a cord.

However, these chainsaws are also heavier and louder than other types. They require maintenance and the added expense of fuel. Further, the environmentally-conscious buyer may want to avoid this type as it does cause pollution.

Corded Electric Chainsaws

There are a number of benefits to using chainsaws which are powered via cords. These chainsaws are very easy and quick to start and tend to be far lighter than gas-powered chainsaws. They are usually substantially less expensive than gas-powered chainsaws.

With corded saws, the most obvious drawback is limited mobility. In addition, they are better suited for lighter work because they lack the power of a gas-powered chainsaw.

Battery-Powered Chainsaws

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These chainsaws are extremely mobile and excellent for buyers who want freedom while cutting. They are usually lightweight and can even be used indoors. Battery-powered chainsaws are ideal for smaller jobs.

One of the main issues with these chainsaws, however, is the fact that they require regular charging. As well, they can be even more expensive than gas-powered chainsaws, despite having less power and shorter bar lengths.

Manual Chainsaws

These are often not sold by chainsaw retailers. Manual chainsaws involve using the chain from a chainsaw to cut wood by hand. Naturally, while they are cost-effective and require no energy source aside from the user, they cannot be used for any significant cutting job.

The Best Brands of Chainsaws

Aside from knowing which type of chainsaw is best for one’s cutting needs, the most important aspect when buying a chainsaw is to use a reputable brand. By buying from a notable brand name, buyers are ensuring that the chainsaw is made by experts with years of experience and many positive customer reviews.

This chainsaw buying guide recommends the following chainsaw brands in 2017:


A name which tops many “Best Of” lists, Craftsman consistently produces chainsaws of superior quality. It offers a wide range of chainsaws that are capable of handling every cutting need a person could have. This includes cordless, corded, and gas-powered chainsaws. In particular, the Craftsman 50cc 2-Cycle chainsaw is a beastly product capable of sawing through even the toughest wood with ease.


Chainsaws are one of Stihl’s specialties. A quick look through their online catalogue will show that the company has chainsaws for just about every purpose imaginable. With convenient designs and safety features, these chainsaws are exceptional for any task. The Stihl MS170 is one notable example which delivers great power while being lightweight and quiet.


Another reputable brand, Husqvarna makes cutting wood simple and safe with its line of chainsaws. With a wide range of powerful models, the gas-powered Husqvarna chainsaws are incredibly effective for any purpose. In addition, these chainsaws come equipped with X-TORQ engines which allow for minimal environmental impact.


Keeping factors like the type and brand in mind, as well as safety features and guide-bar length, finding the right chainsaw simply depends on the individual. There are many high-quality brands offering exceptional products. Using this chainsaw buying guide is a great way to find a durable, effective, and safe solution for any cutting job.

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