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Hi, I am Thomas here again. Hope you all are fine. I have writing blog for many days.

I am regularly asked by newcomers to chainsaws about the difference between many types if chainsaw chain, or what is the best chainsaw that I can buy? Do you need the answers? Okay, keep reading dear!

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Today I come with another good topic the name is “best chain for the chainsaw.” In a few hours ago I was playing football in the field. The mind is just awesome at this moment. Hope I will cover the full session by today. Let’s take a look!

Who am I?

AS I told, I am writing for the blog for many days. But this is not the perfect place to say something about myself. I know how valuable your time is. So I am just giving you a two lines bio about myself.

I am a Certified Master Naturalist, I am doing regularly monitor stream water quality, and I am the editor of (www.bestreviewmart.com), a site researching about outdoors tools. Till now my work has appeared in a variety of publications even in many blogs also. I gained bachelor's degree as well master’s degree from the University of Texas. Why am I telling this? The reason you can rely on my writing. I dislike to writing any things without doing any research.

We know, Chainsaw is a highly efficient and effective branch and tree cutting power tool. It works with, power head; an engine, driven by a centrifugal clutch, assists with a metal chain, with a chain moving around the groove in the guide-bar at fast speeds.

The chain is a major factor here to operate the saw perfectly. The perfect chain will give you the highest number of pleasure.

It is confirmed that the most crucial component of any saw is its chain. When buying a new chain for a chainsaw, take a look at the dimensions it has, the type of wood you will cut of this item, and the smoothness of the cut which you are looking for. Buying the perfect saw chain for the item itself and the job at hand will hold any chainsaw is running efficiently and safely.

Types of chainsaw chain:

Firstly, you should think about the types of chainsaw chain. There are four types of chainsaw chain are available in the market. Chainsaw chains are available in almost limitless combinations of types, sizes, and also they come with many features. The types of the chainsaw chain are low profile cutters, semi-chisel cutters, full chisel cutters and square chisel cutters.

Low Profile Cutters:

They are most popular nowadays. They fitted with maximum numbers of saws that people are frequently using. They are simple and very easy to use. They cut slower than others. They remain sharper for a long period. The item is mostly used in softwood stands because of its outstanding qualities.

Semi chisels cutters:

They are near to similar low profile cutters. Conventional wisdom comes with it that semi chisel chain keeps it is the edge for longer than the full toolchain.

Full chisel cutters:

They cut faster than all types of cutters. For general purpose, I highly recommended using these types of cutters. They’ve square radius edges as well comes with round grind profiles. They generally don’t tolerate sharpening inaccuracy and need sharpening regularly.

Square Chisel cutters:

They are similar to full chisel cutters. The types are exactly full chisel chain type for professional use. They cut very fast, but they are not perfect for an armature. They also require faster sharpening, and another disadvantage is they dull so quickly.

  • Perfect fit and function.

  • Comparison Table of Best Chainsaw Chain :

    531300437 Pixel Saw Chain

    Husqvarna H4684 Gauge Saw

    Husqvarna 531300441 Saw

    Item Weight is 9.1 ounces

    It features 0.050-inch gauge

    Item Weight is 3.2 ounces

    The item refers .325-Inch Pitch

    shipping way of this item is just great.

    The item comes with .050-Inch Gauge

    material type of this item is steel

    Item Weight is 1 pound

    it’s a low vibration chain 

    Cuts like better

    Factory replacement

    Reasonable price

    Extremely sharp

    Excellent design

    Excellent sharp

  • Clam shelled and came with 84 Drive Links.

  • It features 0.050-inch gauge.

  • This item is best for professional users in demanding conditions.

  • How to choose the best chainsaw chain?

    In this part, I'll discuss how anybody can buy the best chainsaw chain for your saw. Read this part carefully. I know there are lots of guidelines are available on the internet. But I think this is going to be another best buying guidelines for you. Find out the following things which you should remember while purchasing the best chainsaw chain for your task.

    Chainsaw bar length:

    This is the first matter which you should look at before making your decision perfectly. I am giving you an example, like the 18’’ chainsaw chain will come with 18’’ chainsaw bar. But it doesn’t mean the final measurement for the bar. Normally chainsaw chain length becomes 10-24 '’ but the perfect size to go fo is 16-24 inch length. So go for a perfect size that will meet your requirement and will be fit with your saw.

    Drive lugs:

    The important thing to consider is the drive lugs.

    To do the job reliably and safely, the chain must fit with the saw without too much tension and without being too slack. Count the whole number of drive lug on the chain as the beginning step in determining chain length correctly. The total number of drive links in the chain must be counted if the count isn’t already known.

    Gauge Measurement:

    This is another valuable part to select the best one. The gauge would measure the thickness of the drive links if you were to look at them along the length of the chain. Gauge refers the thickness of the drive lug, and the measurement is a little bit small, typically conveyed in millimeters.

    Obviously, it is crucial to match the perfect chain gauge to the chainsaw so that the chain will conform to the guide bar perfectly. Chainsaw chain comes with the following gauge measurement, also measured in inches: .043", .050", .058", and .063". The most commonly used measurement is .50’’.

    Pitch management:

    This is another part to be considered. The pitch of a chainsaw chain is a measure that reports how close together drive links are in the chain. A pitch means the differences between any three rivets on the chain and divided by half.

    Mostly common pitch available in the market is 1/4", .325", 3/8", and 3/8" low-profile,.404". 3/8" pitch chainsaw chains are the universal pitch size, and 3/8" low-profile pitch chainsaw chains are even more widespread than regular 3/8" chains. Overall the number of lugs plus the pitch calculation is what manufacturers utilize to explain chain length.

    Read customer reviews:

    I always say to read some reviews from customer. This is the secret way to get the best item for you. A customer won’t say lie to you. So try to read some reviews from specific items that you are going to purchase. After then decide wisely.

    Make sure the proper fit, you require to know different measurements and saw terms when searching for a chainsaw chain. Those measurements -- bar length, pitch, gauge and the number of lugs -- are part of a chain is packaging label.

    Top ten best chainsaw chain - Editors Pick

    I know how valuable your time is. Just take a look these five items. They won't betray you, and you will be pleased with the service of these items.

    1. Husqvarna 531300437 Pixel Saw Chain

    The first one in our list is Husqvarna 531300437 Pixel Saw Chain. The item does the job perfectly which are searching for. I have this item right now. The durability of this item made it famous more than the before. The use of this item is simple, and it is easy to maintain. Also, Husqvarna is one of the most well known best chainsaw chain brands.

    The chainsaw chain is pictured in a plastic container. The plastic container is colossally superior for storage. The item seems to hold a sharp thing very well. The item can cuts well and best with low vibration. Overall they work great, and you won’t be disappointed by this item. Also, you cannot beat its quality, and it comes with a fair price.

    ​Mentionable features at a glance:

    • Product Dimensions come with 1 x 5 x 6.5 inches.
    • Item Weight is 9.1 ounces.
    • Fits with 41, 45, 49, 51, 55, 336, 339, 340, 345, 346, 350, 351, 353, 435, 440, 445 and 450.
    • The item refers .325-Inch Pitch.
    • It comes with .050-Inch Gauge.
    • This item is Ideal for professional users in demanding conditions.
    • It features High-performance, and it’s a low vibration chain.
    • The material type of this item is steel.


    • Perfect fit and function.
    • Fit perfect and Made of metal.
    • Cuts like better.
    • Shiny enough.
    • Extremely sharp.


    • Some users complain that the blade won’t be long lasting, but I am happy with this item.

    Important FAQ what you should look at:

    Question: Is this the low kickback version of the chain?

    Answer: Yes

    Question: Will 36 models fit with this item?

    Answer: No it won’t.

    2. Husqvarna H4684 Gauge Saw Replacement Chain

    The 2nd one in our list is Husqvarna H4684 Gauge Saw Replacement Chain. The item is very simple and easy to use. The item makes clean cuts as well when it's time easy to sharp.

    This chainsaw price and quality are hard to beat. The shipping way of this item is just great. Overall they cut perfectly, and they are fast. Without any doubt, it will meet your expectation, and you will be satisfied after having this item. This chain has and goes forward to be low maintenance as well efficient at the job. Overall it’s a good staff.

    ​Mentionable features at a glance:

    • Item Dimensions comes with 6.5 x 5 x 1 inches.
    • Item Weight is 1 pound.
    • Fits many 24 Inch Husqvarna saws.
    • The item comes with 3/8-inch pitch.
    • It features 0.050-inch gauge.
    • Clam shelled and came with 84 Drive Links.
    • Fits with saws: 288XP, 298, 357XP, 362XP, 365, 371, 380, 385XP, 394XP, 359, 390XP, 395XP, 2101, 3120XP, 372XP455 Rancher, 460, 460, 560XP, 565XP,570, 575XP , 576XP and 2100.


    • Last much longer.
    • Factory replacement.
    • Super sharp and Well made.
    • Excellent design.
    • Factory quality.


    • Nothing wrong with this item.

    Important FAQ what you should look at:

    Question: will this item work on Stihl saw?

    Answer:Yes it will.

    Question: will this work on my 032 stihl?

    Answer: Sorry, No. See the above list.

    3.Oregon S62 18-Inch Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain

    The number 3rd in our list is Oregon S62 18-Inch semi chisel chain saw chain. They are very sharp and come with minimal stretch. They cut perfectly and fit with your item perfectly. They are cheaper than you can access the local outdoor power store.

    They will work on like butter. It will be great if you get this item. The chainsaw cut like new might even be lasting longer than other original equipment and was simple, easy to re-sharpen as required. Overall it’s a good item; you will be happy with this item.

    ​Mentionable features at a glance:

    • Product Dimensions comes with 5 x 10 x 1 inches.
    • Item Weight is 5.6 ounces.
    • This is a replaces chainsaw chain
    • Made with high-quality construction.
    • It's made advanced technology and high quality performance and also using safety.


    • It’s well worth for the price.
    • Replacements chain available.
    • Cutter design unique and very smooth.
    • Compact and lightweight.
    • Sharp and fits perfectly.


    • Some users complain that it seems to get dull fairly quickly.

    Important FAQ what you should look at:

    Question: Will this fit with Craftsman chainsaw?

    Answer: Yes it will.

    Question: Will it provide any warranty period?

    Answer: It won’t.

    4. Husqvarna 531300441 Saw Chain

    The number 4 in our list is Husqvarna 531300441 Saw Chain. This is an OEM standard item and a good pick for most users requiring this size. The quality of this item great, It Cut sharp and got the gash on the leg to prove it.

    It’s awesome aggressive clean. This is a great quality chain for a great quality chainsaw. Overall it’s Nice and sharp! You will buy another set of the chain after you use this item. It is one of the best chains to use. I can say this might be the one which you need. I can bet you will complain anything bad against with this item, and it is one of the best chains for the chainsaw.

    ​Mentionable features at a glance:

    • Product Dimensions comes with 1 x 5 x 6.5 inches.
    • Item Weight is 3.2 ounces.
    • Fits with 55 Rancher, 257, 261, 262XP, 359, 455Rancher, 460 & 460 Rancher.
    • It features 3/8-Inch Pitch.
    • The item comes with .050-Inch Gauge.
    • This item is best for professional users in demanding conditions.
    • High-performance and it’s a low vibration chain.


    • Remain sharp for long days.
    • Excellent sharp and Easy to use.
    • Nice to clean.
    • Nice performance.
    • Reasonable price.


    • A little bit slower than the others. But it won’t be a bad situation for you.

    Important FAQ what you should look at:

    Question: Will this item fit a 455 rancher 20-inch bar?

    Answer: Yes it will.

    Question: Is the item a ripping chain?

    Answer: Yes it is.

    5. Husqvarna 531300439 Pixel Saw Chain

    The number 5 in our list is Husqvarna 531300439 Pixel Saw Chain.

    I consider this item as the best chainsaw chain for hardwood. I have this item right now. The chain remains sharp longer, does not stretch much and cuts through wood fast. I love to use the item frequently. This is the OEM kerf pixel chain loop that Husky dealer typically includes with new saw buys.

    This chain does keep an edge quite well with very small stretching. You can consider this item as a great replacement chainsaw chain. The item made with all good quality materials. The blade of this item is just superb. If you're searching for a good size tree limbs or want to get, high-quality sharpening file set then go for this item.

    Overall it’s an excellent item and comes from a reputed brand where you can make your trust.

    ​Mentionable features at a glance:

    • Item Dimensions comes with 6.5 x 5 x 1 inches
    • Shipping weight is 0.6 pounds.
    • Fits with 41, 45, 49, 51, 336, 339XP, 340, 345, 346XP, 350, 351, 353, 435, 440, 445, 55 and 450e.
    • The item features .325-Inch Pitch.
    • It comes with .050-Inch Gauge.
    • The item is perfect for professional users in requiring conditions.
    • High-performance makes this item popular to the customer, and you can consider this item as a low vibration chain.


    • Good quality and Excellent design.
    • Shape and durable.
    • Lat a long time.
    • Lightweight and compact.
    • Quality replacement chain.


    • The cost of this product is a little bit high, but you feel how good the item is then it does not matter.

    Important FAQ what you should look at:

    Question: Where is the item made in?

    Answer: It’s from Canada.

    Question: Is this a steel chain?

    Answer: Yes it is.

    Question: Will this item fit echo cs400?

    Answer: Sorry it’s not. See the list above.

    Editor’s Final choice at a glance:

    Hope you have enjoyed my session. My intention was clear to provide you the latest information about best chainsaw chain. As a product reviewer, I know how important it purchases a good product is.

    I did the job for you. You have the list on your hand right now. So it won’t be a problem to take a decision right now. Okay, still now confusion? No need to be tense, just go for the number 1 or number 3 that I have described above.

    Final verdict:

    It’s time to leave! I know you have spent some time here on my blog. Thanks or your time. Hope I have given you some guidelines that you are searching on the web. The product lists mentioned above are just perfect, and they are a well-researched product.

    I believe this piece of content will be helpful for you to find out the best chainsaw chain for you. A chainsaw chain is an essential part to complete the saw’s task perfectly.

    Don’t hesitate to share this content with your friends if you like my writing. I promise I will come with another new topic soon. Let me know which answers are rolling in your mind right now.

    Lastly, don’t forget to read the Buying guidelines properly before you make your purchase. Happy shopping and have a nice time always.

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